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It All Began...

with a love for creativity and design

I have always been a creative person and loved to make decorations using my imagination. It all began when I was asked to decorate for special occasions in the shop where I used to work, everyone loved my designs but not as much as I loved creating them. I began making ballon art for my family and friends, starting with small and modest designs. I have never been afraid of a challenge so when people began asking to create bigger and bolder designs, I always obliged.

My passion for this project grew and I realised that I needed to invest all my time and energy into it if I was to provide the North West and beyond with the best in balloon art. I left my job and focused everything into my business. I used social media as a platform to advertise my products and services and as interest grew so too did the scope of my designs. I began catering for every occasion you could think of and allowed the amazing imaginations of my customers expand the products and services I provide!

All of that journey has brought me to where I am today - continuing to offer the best in balloon art and decor. I really love my work and take pride in making my customers happy. It is so rewarding to see how my designs bring joy to my customers and make their celebrations all the more special. In the past year we’ve had to rethink how we celebrate special occasions and events because of COVID-19 and I have adapted Ingrid’s balloons to do the same. We will always be ambitious with our designs - if you can dream it, we can do it!


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